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Hello everyone.

I'm a new member on this site, just joined moments ago actually. I joined this site because I needed some help with finding out what was wrong with my German shepherd and this seemed like a reliable source to get help and advice from other dog owners who may have had this problem.

Kira, my baby girl, is about two years old. About a week ago, she was perfectly fine. All of a sudden she has developed large hard bumps on her snout as well as some fur loss. The bumps didn't seem to be bothering her and I had read a few things about oil clogs or such in the skin. After reading that these things would diminish on their own, I thought they would go away. However, about an hour ago, I noticed a lot of blood on her snout. All of the bumps had started bleeding. I am unsure if it is because she was scratching at them or some other reason.

I have tried to use my internet resources and find out what is wrong with her, but there are a lot of possibilities and I’m having trouble narrowing it down. They don't seem to match the description of dog Acne and I don't think it is an allergic reaction because the bumps are only located on the snout.

I do plan to take her to a vet as soon as I can, but I wanted to see if there were any suggestions or if anyone else has had this particular problem. If so, do you have any suggestions or advice?​
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