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anxiety dog walking

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I have a 7 year old beagle Shar Pei mix I adopted a few years ago. She came from a hoarding situation with like 20 other dogs, she was the smallest. She was scared of everyone and everything. I don't think she had ever really been outside much. I did take her to a behaviorist when I first got her and that helped a lot. She has made huge strides over the last couple of years, but she is still really nervous on walks when there are other people and dogs around. She freezes until she feels the "threat" has passed. I have tried to distract her with treats, praise, etc. but nothing works with her. She will not eat treats outside her home, no matter what they are, and believe me I have tried every kind of food you can imagine. She enjoys her walks when she doesn't encounter others, which is fine in the colder months because not as many people are out. It is summer however, and I really want her to still enjoy her walks. Any suggestions?
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she freezes if people (or dogs) are about 6 ft. away. She will not take any kind of treat outside, no matter what it is.
She has that beagle nose, so sometimes she will freeze before I even see anyone. She is great at home around her pack, it's just outside on our walks that she is so scared. And I am definitely her person. She is not good with others walking her. She walks like 3 feet behind other people. She walks right with me and next to me and is awesome on the leash. She is also only has one eye.
I do just stand off to the side with her and scratch her ears, tell her what a good girl she is and praise even more when people walk by. It helps a little, but sometimes people approach without warning and I have to block them because it freaks her out. You know how people are "all dogs love me, she will let me pet her" Grrrrrrrr. I do have a harness on her that says "please give me space do not pet" but some people....
I like the idea of gradually luring outside with treats. Didn't think of that one! Thank you!
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