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antibiotics question

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Here's the deal - Cobber has had off and on loose poop (a couple times as bad as total liquid squirts) since last weekend. Every time I was ready to call the vet, he'd seem to get all better and the poop would look normal. Then the next day, loose again. I figured it was something he ate, although I didn't have any idea what, but the daycare people asked me to get a fecal test to rule out parasites, so I did. I dropped the sample at the vet's this morning and they said they'd test for parasite and for bacteria. I just got a call from them that the tests were negative, everything's fine. BUT they're still dispensing antibiotics for my dog to take. The tech who called said it would help with the diarrhea.

I thought antibiotics were useless when there isn't any bacterial infection going on (I know that's the case in humans), so why give him antibiotics if the bacterial test showed negative? I don't know exactly what they're prescribing... maybe it has a constipating effect, but wouldn't some sort of immodium-like med be better if we're just talking about firming things up?
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Antibiotics are sort of a "catch all".. if a vet doesn't really know what's going on, basically the first thing they'll do is throw some antibiotics at it.

I'd probably try some Slippery Elm to sooth his GI tract, and a really high quality probiotic like Primal Defence Ultra.
There is an antibiotic that has a calming effect on the gut. . .they use it for pets with IBD. Metronidazole. I don't know if I like using an antibiotic for that; I'd probably try probiotics and a bland diet first. If I remember correctly, there's an ingredient in Immodium that dogs can't have, or maybe that's just cats and it's OK for dogs. . .ask your vet. But a bland boiled chicken and rice diet and some pumpkin for fiber wouldn't hurt.

Apparently Diagel will dry up diarrhea super fast, but it's expensive, and I don't know if you can get it locally (and I'm sure you don't want to wait for online ordering! :p).
Thanks, everyone! I'll see which antibiotic they're prescribing and post back later. I'm going to go with the boiled chicken and rice this weekend and see if that helps. Poor little guy -- he's usually so good about sleeping through the night, so I know this has been hard on both of us with him having to go out every couple hours. Last night he slept through, so I was hoping that signaled the end, but this morning's poop was still pretty puddingy
Sure enough, the Rx is for Metronidazole. 5 days worth. That and we'll be doing the boiled chicken and rice diet at least for the weekend. Fingers crossed all clears up.

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Metro is considered an antibiotic of sorts for the guts. It also is considered a antiprotozoal for certain parasites. Lots of vets will use it as a first choice for diarrhea in dogs. Good luck and hope it works.
Metronidazole helps diarrhea even in dogs without a bacterial issue. It's weird. But it works! So does Tylan powder, apparently.

Did they test for Giardia? Unless they tested for it specifically, it won't show up a on regular fecal, typically. If they didn't, no big deal because the Met. will treat it anyway. When my girl had Giardia, she intermittent, seemingly random diarrhea as well, so your post reminded me of that.
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