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Anti-chewing Product Problems

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Sasha loves Bitter Apple spray. She licks it off and then chews the walls. I've rubbed a bar of soap on corners, baseboards and cupboards... and she licks and chews that, too. She has bones and Kongs filled with peanut butter and ropes and squeaky toys. She's confined to a small bathroom with her toys when we're away. I need other ideas on how to discourage inappropriate chewing. Is there product besides Bitter Apple that might work?
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Have you tried pepper or tabasco?
I have a VERY spicy Indian chili powder that I will try next. Good idea. Thanks.

a good dousing of white vinegar.
Actually, I use vinegar as a cleaner. I'll try it if the pepper doesn't work.

Sheesh! My bathroom is going to smell like salad dressing! LOL
Apparently my puppy likes the taste of soap, Bitter Apple spray, vinegar and excruciatingly spicy hot Indian chili powder just as much as she enjoys wood trim, drywall and cupboard doors. :( I'm at a loss.
Otherwise, distraction, surprise, blockades ...
Hot pepper didn't work. I had hoped toys and stuffed Kongs would provide distraction. I can't surprise her when I'm not home. As for blockades, I may have to keep her in a kennel when I'm out instead of just a small bathroom.

You could try this product.
Thanks for suggesting Rap Last. I'll call the ag supply shops nearby to see if they have it.
I used a hot chili powder. My bathroom, her puppy pen, smells like Doritos now and she likes to taste it. This powder is much more spicy than cayenne.
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