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Anti-chewing Product Problems

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Sasha loves Bitter Apple spray. She licks it off and then chews the walls. I've rubbed a bar of soap on corners, baseboards and cupboards... and she licks and chews that, too. She has bones and Kongs filled with peanut butter and ropes and squeaky toys. She's confined to a small bathroom with her toys when we're away. I need other ideas on how to discourage inappropriate chewing. Is there product besides Bitter Apple that might work?
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We tried Cayenne. Caeda didn't care much (SO persistent!), she'd wait until it dissipated and chew again. It might work for you though.
The trick to Cayenne is getting it in liquid form. The way we did it was brewed it in the coffee maker. Just put several spoonfuls in the filter, water in, and let it run through. Warning though...if you spray too much it seriously smells and gives the effect (at least to humans) of relatively mild pepper spray if it hangs in the air. Also be careful because the colour can stain stuff....but for hard surfaces it MIGHT not stain (test a spot first!).
We mainly used it outside to try to dissuade her from chewing a piece of siding on the house she was particularly enthralled with, and to dissuade digging. If you stay on it and spray often enough it could work, or at least work long enough that your puppy is distracted by something else.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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