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Mumble sometimes pays special attention to anthills and doesn't seem to realize that they're filled with tiny bitey things. Usually he'll step in one and then right off it and it's no big deal, but earlier this week he stood in one for several seconds (I didn't realize it was happening) and ended up with dozens of ants on his foot and leg.
He didn't seem to notice for the most part (I had to pull him off the pile and then spent ten minutes picking ants off) but he did try to bite at them a couple times. Most of them seemed to be caught up in his fur, but several looked like they were attatched to his paw pads. I don't know if they were actually bothering him.
Once, he stuck his whole muzzle in an ant pile. He was up to his eyes in dirt. I had to brush ants off his face.

Now that I'm paying more attention to ant piles, I noticed that several at the park had dog leavings on them (possibly what drew Mumble to it in the first place?), so I'm wondering if anyone else has dogs interested in ants? Has your dog ever been clearly hurt or agitated by ants?

Oh, thought I'd go ahead and say that I don't let him investigate anthills with pesticides on them.
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