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Another What Breed Am I?

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Any guesses? This is Merlin. He showed up in the pasture last fall.

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I'm pretty sure that's a purebred English Setter. ;)
You know, that was my thought too. (English Setter for sure, at least that is what I have been calling him on here. :))

Someone spent a great deal of time with this dog. He has the best manners in the world. If I had any clue what to do with him... Like what kind of work he did... x.x

Thank you guys for your thoughts.
that is, undoubtedly, an English Setter.....as for what kind of work, see if he has any gun dog instincts (does he "set" when he comes to a bush w/ birds?...does he flush?....what's his reaction to a gun?)

how long have you had him?....anyone around missing a dog?...he looks well cared for
He "sets" for sure. He doesn't flush.
And I haven't fired a gun around him to see what he would do.

He showed up sometime last fall; I don't remember when exactly...

I called the local vets and shelters. I checked the want ads for missing dogs.
Oh, and the grocery store too.:rolleyes:

He is absolutely ancient, and you are correct. The teeth he has left are perfect. I figure him to have lost about half of his hearing, just comparing his reactions to that of the other dogs.

Anyway, he ended up being a nice guy, getting along with the other dogs, so we just kept him.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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