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how long have you been working with them. One of the main things I personally was doing was as I went to squeeze the clipper with one hand, I was also squeezing the paw with my other hand the dog could tell I wasn't confident.. I had to change that part of me.

Things that have worked with different dogs some of them like to be cuddled into me little dog or pup I can craddle them with their back to me while I sit crossed legged.. bigger dogs I sit with my legs straight out with the dogs back craddled into me. that way I am keeping the paw into their body and clipping the leg they are laying on, and then flip them around so they are laying on the other leg. .. this position you can hug on them and spend time with them. when you not trying to clip their nails.

I usually start with something small one time and your done .. get them all into position craddled to you.. handle one paw one time... get up and go do something they love.. go for a leash walk or a ride to the park.. or go play with a toy inside or out... That work first then we go have fun. and when I do get to the clipping I start with only clipping one nail.

There is also a standing position line them up along a wall at the corner. but in the corner so they can't back up, and you are standing facing them so they can't move forward or pull away from the wall outward. bend over lift the outer front led bent up to the body and clip. again with the small step conditioning first.

learning to deal with a little pressure and release is a good step.. like when you working with a horse on a lead. apply a little pressure on the lead but stop right there,, and wait for the horse to respond forward and immediately release the pressure. you don't want to apply too much pressure that the horse or animal start pulling away in the opposite direction.

the clippers can be come a point of comic humor where I verbally say the name or show them if I want them off the couch or to tease them lol... used in a form of applying a little visual pressure then release and thats all and we done laughing about it... it becomes old news..

some dogs it can take a long time.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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