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Another Husky? Am I crazy??

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Ok. I've stopped freaking out about this. While surfing the net online yesterday, I came across an ad from a local rescue group in desperate need of finding a foster home for a husky at a local kill shelter...her time is running out. I called the rescue group to inquire, but they didn't have any information on her. Am I the only one that finds that a little odd? They couldn't tell me a thing about her. So, I have to wait until the shelter opens in the morning to call about her. If she is dog/kid friendly (& depending on what kind of health issues), I am 99% sure that she will be coming home with us tomorrow. My question to everyone is...
what is the best way to introduce the new husky to my current husky?
Rascal prefers to sleep outside rather than sleep in his "house" inside - unless it is raining of course, then he sleeps inside because he refuses to go into either of the dog houses outside. Do you think they would both be ok sleeping outside or would it be better to have the new dog sleep in the "house" inside for a while?
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1) http://www.dogforums.com/3-dog-training-forum/6755-meet-me-middle-best.html

2) Wherever you intend for the new dog to sleep in the long-term is where she should sleep when she comes home.
Thanks so much for the advice!
I did get her. She is WAY more than I bargained for, but I couldn't leave her there. My husband has her at the vet right now.
Well, the vet estimates her age at 2, but I tend to think she is a bit younger. She is such a sweet girl. Vet said she was in good health, just about perfect weight, but did recommend separating the two dogs for at least 3-4 days after she was vaccinated (today.) She has no intestinal parasites (I was SHOCKED!) and the heartworm test comes back tomorrow, but I am hopeful. I have been continually brushing her so her matted hair looks quite a bit better. She has a grooming appointment Thursday and vet said to bring her back after her heat to be spayed. She isn't bleeding very much so I am praying that it means her heat is almost over and not just starting. Here are a couple of pictures I took of her tonight enjoyin a cow hoof.:D


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I live near Augusta. I did search Craigs List and the local papers to make sure someone didn't lose her and was looking for her but couldn't find her. Someone obviously lost her because she is such a sweet dog, but they haven't looked for her as far as I can tell.
I wanna cry...Rosie is heartworm positive. The doctor is concerned that she may have been exposed to a male dog while at animal control and be pregnant and that would complicate her heartworm treatment. I called them and they said that they didn't believe she was but were going to check their records and call me back. :(
Well, he just examined her yesterday and he said that if she were to be pregnant then it would have been just within the last few weeks since she had been in animal control. He told me to call them and ask if she was exposed to any male dogs while she was there, which she wasn't thank goodness. I am going today to pick up the antibiotics to get her started on. He said 2 weeks of those and 2 weeks of antibiotics and steriods and then she will go into the hospital for 2 days of treatment then 4 weeks of "strict confinement." How am I going to keep a husky in strict confinement for 4 weeks?? No running, jumping, etc. She can go on walks, but that is it. Anyone else out there been through this before? :confused:
Thanks for all of the advice. I am definitely going to need it. I think I am going to go ahead and try to get her crate trained so at least she will be used to it. She got in it yesterday and seemed content for the time she was in it, so maybe it won't be as bad as I fear. I do know it will not be fun though.

She is a cutie though, isn't she? and soooo very friendly.:p
Wow, I had to to go through heatworm treatment with a siberian husky, too. Same colors as yours, but male.
For some odd reason, he didn't mind sleep all day.
Oh, he is so pretty! Thanks for the insight. Hopefully Rosie won't mind it too much either.
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