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We went for our annuals yesterday - at a new vet. I only mention the new vet part so I can say I loved her. She (and her staff) were amazing with both of them. Sierra - no problem. Sat still, let her blood be drawn - and came out with a clean bill of health save for some tartar (no gingivitis). She is having her vaccines spaced to attempt to prevent a reaction (as it is up in air if it was catnip or vaccines) and if she reacts we can tell which one it is. So far no reaction to rabies or bordatella. Misty on the other was everyone's best friend until the medical implements came out (stethoscope, needles, scope to look in ears/eyes). She was just short of rabid at one point (please read as sarcasm). As soon as the medical implements went away she was fine. Anywho - she came away with tartar (but no gingivitis thankfully), bilateral ear infections (which she hadn't been doing anything different than her usually routine with - no itching, no shaking her head, no smell), and the weirdest of all anterior synechia in her left eye and very mild synechia in her right eye. Dr.M said she had never seen it before in her practice (and wasn't sure if it is a "individual" or "breed" thing) and even had another vet look at to determine if that is what they believed it to be. She said she would give me a referral to an ophthalmology doc if I wanted one or she could research it a bit and see if there was anything she could do in general practice so we could treat it at her office and call me with that information when she called me with their wellness labs in the next few days. Misty was in no obvious pain so I opted to let her see if there was anything she could do. From what I have read about it (I can't find much info even with the power of google) it sounds like she will be referring us on (I'm not sure if general practice would be willing/can treat eye pressure issues). Oh and she now has allergies. Yeah (again sarcasm).
May this be a warning - take your dogs for their annuals - Misty wasn't doing anything different than she usually does (no pain, no itching, no messing with her eyes, no blindness, etc) and she has all these issues. Take them.

So anyone dealt with synechia? Any information? Anything?

At least the tartar is an easy fix - we scheduled dentals in April.

And I must mention Fluff - he was an angel for Dr. B to examine. Even went to sleep under the warmth of the light she was using to examine him. He also has a clean bill of health (pending his avian profile results) save for a bit of possible discharge (colorless so not sure if it was from the fruit I fed him earlier or URI so swabbed him - as budgies can go south so fast).
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