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Angelo Today! Videos and Pics...

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Well to make this quick and so I dont ramble on. The vet says he couldnt find anything on the X-ray showing a break or fracture of any kind causing his limping. They believe it could be a sprain and/or just a plain lack of muscle mass in his hind quarters. It is his left hind leg that he favors and wont put all his weight on... he has stopped the wobbling from side to side... the vet thinks that was just due to him being so weak and plain out just malnutrition.

He is riddled with worms, mostly tapeworms... and is HW Positive, so treatment will start when he gets healthier and puts on more weight. We are going to see if TLC and just FOOD, will help his leg. He shows absolutely no signs of pain... so that is what was just puzzling. Doc touched and felt EVERYWHERE (As did I the first day) on his legs and hips... and not a wince. So hopefully getting some weight and muscle mass on him he will get better. If that does not help... we will return to the vet, or get a second opinion. Umm lets see what else? Hmm I think that about covers it... and uggh lol, I rambled on! Sorry!

He was a very very happy boy today. He is super attached to me already... sigh... and just wants to be loved on and cuddled... he loves all the people that help out with the SPCA, but he is IN LOVE with me. I think it's because he knows I saved him... oh man, another guy that has my heart.

Here are some pics and videos!
Laying down next to me. He just throws himself back on me and wiggles on me! Hehe so funny...

Hai Mah!

Going for a ride!

He loves car rides... and loves looking out the window

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Oh wow! I'm just as amazed as you are!

He's so gorgeous, and looks so innocent!! Not to be nosey or a "buttinsky", but he's a "foster" right now right? Do you take him to the vet personally, or do the vets look after him kind of like "charity"? I'm sorry, if it's none of my business you don't even have to answer, I'm just curious and I wasn't really sure how to ask that. lol!

I hope he starts gaining weight soon. : ( Seeing all his ribs and that spine of his makes me want to cry. I wish him luck with all his treatments... Donnie knows how much worms can suck!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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