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And a light bulb goes on!

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So i think i figured out why it was so hard for Richie to go poop outside. And why he tried to go inside the house whenever we take a second to not watch him (i usually watch him like a hawk about it). I think when we reprimand him in the house for pooing (while he does it ofcourse, or is about to) that he thinks he shouldn't do it around us at all. I don't want to reinforce that thought. But he would NOT go outside no matter what, and would hold it and hold it until he had a chance to hide somewhere inside and do it.

I tried another method, i figure "what if i ignore him during the walks?". I would notice him start to look at me while he would be sniffing around outside, kinda of like "is she looking??" So i turned my head and pretended not to notice him, then BOOM he went :)
And as he did i praised the heck out of him and gave him a treat.

So yay for the dog training the owner.... er wait haha
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