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Anatolian Shepard

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Hi all! New here...hoping for any insight. I am adopting a 18wk old anatolian/black lab mix, my friend is her foster and she's coming home with me tomorrow. I've been a lab owner all my life so I can do lab...everything from stubborn, crazy, lazy, too smart, not too smart! I have a black lab now and they got along great their first meet and greet. I've heard Anatolians can be difficult...I'm hoping she's more lab but I can do difficult. So far she her training hasn't been difficult...she's house broken and knows the basics...sit, stay, come and she's living with 5 other dogs who help her along the way. She is very calm for a puppy and is a little weary of strangers at first. I'm just looking for any Anatolian owners advice in general...what workes, what doesn't, likes/dislikes, how can I make her the best dog she can be?!
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Haven't watched the Anatolian one yet but all the breed documentaries on here I've seen have been great (nice long interviews with working dog owners and breeders).

Pretty sure stranger wariness is normal across all of the herding class and if IIRC Anatolians are similar to German Shepards (at least in role). I love their smokey looking muzzles though.
Thanks so much...watching now. She looks more lab but with a shepard face and long legs...she's a looker : ) wont let me post pic? maybe bc I'm new?
Anatolians are a guardian breed. They were bred to protect livestock from predators. They can be territorial and protective, which means they may be very wary of strangers, strange animals, and have some resource guarding tendencies. They can be independent, which many people will say is "stubborn." They are not as motivated by pleasing their owners or treats as say, a lab. Certainly they can be trained, but they're not going to be too interested in repetitive obedience drills and whatnot. Pretty much the exact opposite of a lab, really, who are generally friendly as can be and don't care if someone is robbing your house as long as they get petted.

I would be making sure she's exposed to numerous people and gets used to people coming to the house. She doesn't necessarily have to like or interact with the people, but knowing visitors is normal is important. Make sure none of your other dogs steal her food or toys, as that may make her think she has to protect her resources from family dogs.
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