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Recently there has been been a young guy and pit coming to my dog park. The pit engages in one scuffle after another and while no dogs get injured fairly quickly the guy has to take his dog out. This has happened 2 to 3 times.

On Tue. the guy came in and within minutes his dog and mine were into it. It would have amounted to nothing except that I pulled his dog off of mine by it's harness not realizing my dog had a hold of it's rear leg resulting in a minor laceration.

The next day I get a call from animal control requesting more information which I provided. Later that day an animal control officer comes to my home and gives me a 10 day quarantine order, stating it was state law and that if violated the order my dog would be seized and quarantined at the city shelter. Both dogs were utd on rabies vacs.

This seemed odd to me so yesterday I attempted to find the law in the state and city codes. The only thing I was able to find was a law requiring a dog that bit a person to remain under competent observation for 10 days.

So I called animal control and asked which specific law required my dog to be quarantined. They could not answer immediately but said someone would get back to me.

Around 5 the animal control supervisor called and explained that their research showed I was correct and the quarantine law only applied to bites to persons, however it had been their practice to quarantine dogs involved in dog bites for some time, but I was in fact free to ignore the quarantine order, which I am doing.
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