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My bulldog puppy is about 10 months old and has these crystals in her urine. We've switch to Hills Prescriptions L/D along with some medicine (can't think of what it is right this sec) and her urine has cleaned up. We've had to eliminate doggy bones and other sources of protien from her diet to achieve this.

The questions I have are all related to food.

1. Hills is the most expensive of all the brands I've found, but it's also all I can buy locally. Does anyone have a rec for another brand of food to feed the dog that is a little less expensive (we had to switch all 3 of our dogs over to this and at $3/pound it's pretty costly). I know Royal Canin and Purina both have alternatives and both are somewhat less expensive. Purina is significantly less expensive, but they are not available locally. I'd have to order them online, and I'm guessing that the shipping will offset much, if not all, of the savings. Additionally, both Hills and Royal Canin only come in 20 and 17.5 lb bags, respectively, while the Purina comes in a 37.5 lb bag.

2. For treats, we're feeding our dogs the wet version of the L/D. Is there any pet treats that will not aggravate this condition besides the canned version of the prescription dog foods?

3. Assuming there really aren't any alternatives to the 3 listed above, does anyone have any expirience with Purina Veterinary Diets NF? Its the cheapest and it comes in a larger bag. Both of those are a plus to me.
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