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American Eskimo puppy screaming in play area

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Hello all,

I am a first time dog owner (other than family dogs), and I have a 2 month old American Eskimo puppy. Firstly, what are good ways for a puppy this young to burn energy? Second, what are ways to help her stop screaming in her play area? I keep her in a crate in my room at night, but during the day, I have a relatively large fenced in play area with a couple toys, a stuffed animal, and her food and water. The moment I leave her in her play area, she starts screaming in a very high pitched voice, and she will continue until she eventually falls asleep. Any pointers that could help? It's very hard to deal with as I try to work from home. I am within eye sight of her even when she is crying.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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