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American Eskimo puppy screaming in play area

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Hello all,

I am a first time dog owner (other than family dogs), and I have a 2 month old American Eskimo puppy. Firstly, what are good ways for a puppy this young to burn energy? Second, what are ways to help her stop screaming in her play area? I keep her in a crate in my room at night, but during the day, I have a relatively large fenced in play area with a couple toys, a stuffed animal, and her food and water. The moment I leave her in her play area, she starts screaming in a very high pitched voice, and she will continue until she eventually falls asleep. Any pointers that could help? It's very hard to deal with as I try to work from home. I am within eye sight of her even when she is crying.
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Low impact play and training is benficial to puppies. Start teaching a sit,down,and come command. Just dont do it often, that will lead to burnout. Play tug and such, do not let your puppy run for long distances, or jump. This can damage their joints. When disucssing how to tire a dog out, we often forget to tire them mentally as well. I've seen people make play jungles out of a pvc pipe square and tie toys to the top, I'd also suggest toys such as kongs, and puzzle toys to help stimulate your puppies mind. Freezing your kong makes it last longer. it seems like you don't have enough stimulation in your dogs play pen, which may be a huge contribution to the whining

Lots of puppy owners deal with some sort of seperation anxiety with their dogs. You must understand that your puppy was just taken away from its mom and siblings, it hasn't been alone a second in his/her life. Ignore the behaviors you dont want, and reward the ones you do. You will not completly iliminate the whining until your puppy adaps & matures.
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