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I met this gorgeous pup a few weeks back while volunteering. He looks so much like Amber that when my friend showed up she asked me why I brought Amber to PetSmart. (Amber's DA) He had everything; the diamond on his head, the mole-like-things on his cheeks..gosh. He was even the same age. Do you think...?

Sorry that I couldn't get more pictures; he was adopted quickly. BTW (I'm going to do a quick advertisement) the dog next to him is Kelly, the dog I was handling. She looks like a pb mini aussie, but she has a sheltie face. SUPER sweet and SUPER smart, she is nippy though. Very shy at first, but when I took her to the back of the store, she climbed in my lap and was jumping all over me. Very well trained, loves other dogs. Anyone in Northern VA looking for a cutie? :D lol here's her Petfinder; just saying.
(she's alot prettier in person)
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