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Hey DF members!

Exciting news! We have lowered our prices on all of our remaining whole deer antlers and XL split elk antlers until they're gone! A new season of sheds will be coming in soon and we want to clear out the remaining antlers. We are telling our forum friends and Facebook followers first so that they have a chance to scoop them up.

Shown in picture- mediums and larges.​

Our antlers come from legally harvested 2014-2015 bucks from the Minnesota and Wisconsin area.

We have the current sizes available with the following pricing:
Tiny (0 points)- $2.99
Small (1-2 points)- $4.99
Medium (2-3 points)- $6.99
Large (huge, 3+ points)- $10.99
Flat Shipping- $6.00

We can remove the points if you prefer for no extra charge, but the whole antlers give the dogs a bunch of spots to chew on. Our dogs are obsessed. Antlers are a great choice for even the most aggressive chewers!

You can find them here. Hurry, we have around 10-15 left of all but the smalls!

Thank you for your business!
Matt and Penny
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