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Am I mean for doing this?

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My wife and I have been having a disagreement about what breed dog we should get. So I sent her an email saying I have a really cool picture to show her.

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What kind of dog does your wife want? Remember, she has to live with the dog when you're deployed and not around to help take care of it.

She wants a Grayhound, an odd choice for a family dog but actually not a bad one.
That puppy is very cute, I don't think it's fair to show someone that and make them feel guilted into a big decision. But no it's not mean.
She's a strong minded person. She's probably going to open it and say, "Oh, that little SH$%!" (referring to me).
A rescue Greyhound makes an excellent family dog, not much for gaurding, but the have a great temperament. You might try informing your wife that the Greyhound is in the background of the Dobe. Also take her to meet some well mannered, sweet dobes at dog shows. She's probably more concerned about the temperament issues with Dobes and some of the outragous mythes that surround them.
You know that's actually not a bad idea. Plus it will be a great new experience for both of us. I'm a dog lover but I've never been a dog enthusiast. I've only seen dog shows on TV once in a blue moon. As a spectator do you get to interact with the dogs, though?
You're psy-ops, aren't you?

No, but you're right. That's some serious psyops tactics I just used.

No email back yet. I'll keep y'all posted!

One thing you might also consider is that your wife may (very reasonably) not want the responsibility of a protection dog or the upkeep of a Dobe (which is, to be fair, not the easiest dog in the world to live with- they need DAILY training and quite a lot of exercise). Greyhounds are big and intimidating looking to a lot of people (they're just so TALL!), but also VERY easy to live with.
Her biggest objection is based on ignorance, and I'm not using that word in negative context. Her first reaction when I mentioned Dobermans was, "those dogs are mean!"

She worries for our daughters safety, that there's a chance it could "turn" on us. Of course, I'm going to ultimately respect her wishes and not buy the dog if she's uncomfortable. BUT, I'll still do what I can to try to educate her to the point of where she is comfortable with the breed. But in the end I am still going to give her veto power.
What makes greyhounds an odd choice for a family dog??
I didn't mean it the way it sounded. I'm new to the 'dog world' and I'm guilty of certain perceptions. I just picture a greyhound chasing a rabbit around a racetrack. I've been learning a lot lately looking at different breeds, and from what I've read greyhounds seem like a great companion dog. I just have never seen one in a home.

I guess if I take one running I don't have to worry about it keeping up! I'd probably bore it "Um, dude.. can you go any faster?"
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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