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Am I mean for doing this?

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My wife and I have been having a disagreement about what breed dog we should get. So I sent her an email saying I have a really cool picture to show her.

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What kind of dog does your wife want? Remember, she has to live with the dog when you're deployed and not around to help take care of it.
A rescue Greyhound makes an excellent family dog, not much for gaurding, but the have a great temperament. You might try informing your wife that the Greyhound is in the background of the Dobe. Also take her to meet some well mannered, sweet dobes at dog shows. She's probably more concerned about the temperament issues with Dobes and some of the outragous mythes that surround them.
Many shows have a "meet the breed" area, You might specifiacally try toge to specialty shows in your area help by the Doberman club. Here's the DC club in N Carolina.

Doberman Pinscher Club of Charlotte, Inc. Gabriele Wentzel, 1727 Lawing Rd., Charlotte, NC 28216
I didn't mean it the way it sounded. I'm new to the 'dog world' and I'm guilty of certain perceptions. I just picture a greyhound chasing a rabbit around a racetrack. I've been learning a lot lately looking at different breeds, and from what I've read greyhounds seem like a great companion dog. I just have never seen one in a home.

I guess if I take one running I don't have to worry about it keeping up! I'd probably bore it "Um, dude.. can you go any faster?"

LOl, Yeah it could keep up with you as long as it didn't have any race related injuries. However most retired Greys are EVRY much couch potatoes! There are two here in my neighborhood (which is Military housing) and they're both VERY laid back sweethearts.

Let me see if I can get some pics to show here just how 'mean' dobes are. You can cut and paste them to show her they really are family dogs.

Angel using our pug Frank as a pillow!

Angel being used as a pillow by my daughter

Asleep on her couch

Chasing bubbles out in the yard
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