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Am I mean for doing this?

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My wife and I have been having a disagreement about what breed dog we should get. So I sent her an email saying I have a really cool picture to show her.

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You know that's actually not a bad idea. Plus it will be a great new experience for both of us. I'm a dog lover but I've never been a dog enthusiast. I've only seen dog shows on TV once in a blue moon. As a spectator do you get to interact with the dogs, though?

Most shows don't have "Meet the Breed" section unfortunately. But most owners and handlers are more than happy to talk to you about their breed. Just don't bother them when they're getting ready to go into the ring. And do not try to pet any of the dogs without permission.

Dog shows are crazy fun to go to as a spectator. Be sure to take a folding chair of some sort as most do not provide any seating. If you go to http://www.akc.org/ or pick up a copy of Dog World magazine, you can find out when there'll be a show near your home.:)
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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