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It really sounds like you are doing great! You have had him such a short time, I would say the issue you are having with how he's SOMETIMES ok when you leave the room, and sometimes he whines like crazy is due to the fact that he's not quite settled in yet. Depending on the pup, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, or perhaps more (if you got him from a rescue or shelter situation).

He's in a new place, with new sights, smells, sounds and people, and he's away from everything he new for the first 8 weeks of life. So, it can take awhile.

Keep in mind, that, sometimes, a pup can be ultra quiet and calm at first, but as they settle in they start to show more of their personalities. So, sometimes it's kind of like a "honeymoon" period.

And, your pup will go through many different developmental stages that can seem to cause changes, like teething, fear stages (where he all of a sudden becomes fearful or nervous about things he used to be ok with), and even changes in his or your routine or environment.

But, like I said, for now you seem well ahead of the game! :)
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