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Hey guys,

So i've had my pup for 3 days now, she a pom and just over 8 weeks now. I had to crate train her and currently toilet training to go outside.

I've set up a puppy pen inside it has her crate, food bowls, and toys. On the floor i have the matteress protectors used for childrens bed wetting problems. They are absorbant like puppy pads, but dont smell.

When we got her the first thing i introduced her to was her crate, i did the usual bribbing with food closing the door for short periods and i've been lucky she took to it on a night straight away. She does climb in and out herself through out the day but still tends to fall asleep near me or curled up somewhere on the floor, so i pick her up and place her in her crate with the door open. Is this right?

The toilet training i think were doing ok with, 2 accidents yesterday and 1 today so far. I'm taking her out first thing in the morning straight from her crate to the garden, she goes after meal times and any other time she looks as tho shes finding a spot to pee/poop. She goes roughly every 2-3 hours on a night time. Last night she went to bed at 10pm and didnt wake up til 2.33am!! I woke up before her and had to check she was ok! Then she woke up at 5.30 and 7.30 so i cant complain really. Although the broken sleep is hurting! lol

I do have a concern that she is becoming over attached (if there is such a thing). She follows me everywhere and cries if she cant see me. I put her in her pen yesterday so i could go do some cleaning upstairs and she cried, yapped and wailed. I waited until she was quiet before i came back in the room, she did a little jump and stood up at the pen, so i waited until she had sat down before letting her out. All the while not paying her any attention or breathing a word. When she came out i threw a ball and let her bring it back, then fussed her. I'll be honest she didnt make a fuss for long, a few minutes maybe. But today while my son was here i went upstairs to change, left her out her pen playing and she cried/yapped when she realised i had gone. Should i just carry on the way i am or is there something else i can do?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated x

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You're doing just fine. 3 accidents in the first 3 days, especially at 8 weeks is terrific. For the most part keep it up.

Some explanation:
1. You're trying to establish communication - learning to recognize when she has to go; her realizing to tell you she has to go; and her recognizing that she has to go and being able to hold it.
2. Whenever you can't watch her, she goes into the crate. But you have to be alert for when she needs to get out and go.
3. It gets much better, but this continues until about 6 mos, because she can't control everything until about then.

Don't worry about over-attachment. She's lonely, away from her littermates. Take this time to train Sit, Down, Stay, Come... yes, right now... Anything you can train her right now will stick with her for the next 15 years!!!

In a week or two, she will be more comfortable and will start exploring (and have accidents out of sight). Soon, you'll be unhappy, because she ignores you, while she goes off to explore the world and all the friendly people :) But you've trained her to Come by then, so at least she returns...
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