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am i creating an alpha dog?

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my 8 week old puppy (adopted 2 days ago) is learning to eliminate on newspaper, as she hasn't had her shots and can't go outside. she is fine with the crate, but she does attempt (though much less now) to poo and pee elsewhere. i've been following her around to grab her when she squats down and take her to the appropriate place. also, i replace her chewing with toys everytime she tries to chew on furniture. however, i feel that i might be creating a situation where the dog is taking lead - as i follow it around.

i am at home all the time (writer) and have plenty of time to train and play - which i do. should i be keeping her in a play pen? or is it ok to follow her around to catch every single mistake she makes? need help. thanks.
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I tend to think your pup will be pretty safe in your backyard even without its shots, provided you don't have other dogs out there. Just a thought.
yeah, except i live in manhattan, so i can't do that, unfortunately. i am starting to take her out in my arms for a few minutes at a time so she can begin to get used to people, dogs, cars, firetrucks, etc... as they walk past.
first things first. THANKS SO MUCH to everyone that responded to my thread. there's really not much i can do to train her to potty outside at the moment. this is manhattan, and there is dog pee and poo everywhere... it's just unavoidable. also, she is sick with diarreah, and her immune system is that much lower. i'm not sure i can take that chance at the moment.

luckily, she has no problem going in her crate, and in just two days she is already getting "go to your crate" (at least 85% of the time... blessing, i know). she's peeing in the crate, but i'm working on that. she is also going to the newspaper for pee about 95% of the time now... but is still working on poo in the newspaper. believe me, i'm dying to take her outside for potty!!!

i'm not at all following much dog whisperer advice. i've read a couple of books by pamela dennison, and mostly following ian dunbar's advice on the website. along with other positive training books, videos and strings on this and other sites. i've started her on the clicker - though i've figured out she's simply not ready due to her new surroundings, diarreah, and bonding/trust. so i'm gonna put it on hold until i can get her chewing, housesoiling and belly working right again. that's my plan... unless others can comment otherwise.

i'm handcuffed at the moment to newspaper, but i will click train her to go outside. i have plenty of time for that, and i think the transition might go smooth... hopefully. but it seems that following her around isn't such a bad thing at this age from all the comments you've all made. thanks so much again.
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GREAT! Let your little puppy get used to everything and his poor little tummy setlled. When does he have his first vet visit?

And now, for the important part, DO YOU HAVE PICTURES???? :D
LOL. I uploaded one in my album, but i don't know how to make it my profile picture??? how do i do this?
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