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am i creating an alpha dog?

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my 8 week old puppy (adopted 2 days ago) is learning to eliminate on newspaper, as she hasn't had her shots and can't go outside. she is fine with the crate, but she does attempt (though much less now) to poo and pee elsewhere. i've been following her around to grab her when she squats down and take her to the appropriate place. also, i replace her chewing with toys everytime she tries to chew on furniture. however, i feel that i might be creating a situation where the dog is taking lead - as i follow it around.

i am at home all the time (writer) and have plenty of time to train and play - which i do. should i be keeping her in a play pen? or is it ok to follow her around to catch every single mistake she makes? need help. thanks.
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Gobbledygook it is! :)

I'm a little confused as to why you have to take her out in your arms. . .but it is SUPER AWESOME to get her used to all those things you mentioned as soon as possible. It is equally important, in my opinion, that she get used to going outside on a leash. Maybe I am too leanient but the only thing I would worry about with a pup who hasn't had shots is interacting with other dogs. If she is outside to poddy for short periods of time and under close supervision (not being allowed to eat poop, drink stagnant water, ect) then she will probly be okay.
I agree-- I don't think five minutes on the lawn is any more dangerous to a puppy without shots than to a puppy with. You just have to be careful and watch.

And when she's inside, I would definitely have her in the crate all the time, especially when she's just starting out on house training. So many people think that confining a dog to their crate will make the dog hate their crate forever, when it's really just the opposite. By keeping your puppy in her crate, you're likening the crate to her den and she will equate it with peace, shelter, and solitude forever. (Just make sure to make her time in the crate somewhat enjoyable-- a kong or some other toy will do the trick). By giving her full reign when she hasn't shown you that she can handle it, you're only inconveniencing yourself.
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