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am i creating an alpha dog?

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my 8 week old puppy (adopted 2 days ago) is learning to eliminate on newspaper, as she hasn't had her shots and can't go outside. she is fine with the crate, but she does attempt (though much less now) to poo and pee elsewhere. i've been following her around to grab her when she squats down and take her to the appropriate place. also, i replace her chewing with toys everytime she tries to chew on furniture. however, i feel that i might be creating a situation where the dog is taking lead - as i follow it around.

i am at home all the time (writer) and have plenty of time to train and play - which i do. should i be keeping her in a play pen? or is it ok to follow her around to catch every single mistake she makes? need help. thanks.
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I like the idea of keeping her near you until you can trust her in other areas. The play pen sounds great as you take her outside in regular intervals and praise praise praise. I had a dog play yard and placed newspaper around the entire floor in the area. By slowly removing the area of the newspaper, I was able to get my pup at the time to eliminate on the paper the size of a full sheet. It took me a little time to train him to go outside instead of the paper afterwards.

You'll benefite greatly by catching her everytime she chews the wrong thing and praising her for chewing her toys. I tend to make sure the toys are very different than other objects around the house and they know it is theirs to chew (in other words, I wouldn't allow them to tear up a pillow or play tug of war with a towel.)

Look at the sticky called NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free). I really enjoy this method with my dogs.
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