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am i creating an alpha dog?

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my 8 week old puppy (adopted 2 days ago) is learning to eliminate on newspaper, as she hasn't had her shots and can't go outside. she is fine with the crate, but she does attempt (though much less now) to poo and pee elsewhere. i've been following her around to grab her when she squats down and take her to the appropriate place. also, i replace her chewing with toys everytime she tries to chew on furniture. however, i feel that i might be creating a situation where the dog is taking lead - as i follow it around.

i am at home all the time (writer) and have plenty of time to train and play - which i do. should i be keeping her in a play pen? or is it ok to follow her around to catch every single mistake she makes? need help. thanks.
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however, i feel that i might be creating a situation where the dog is taking lead - as i follow it around.
Been watching a little too much Dog Whisperer have we? ;)

This dog is a BABY. Do not worry about the Alpha stuff or the dog taking the lead nonsense. At 8 weeks and 2 days old just 7.5 weeks ago her eyes opened. Just 4 weeks ago she started to wander away from her mom. Just two weeks ago she was agile enough to play with her siblings and only two days ago you took her home where all she has is YOU. Give her time and work on house training and the rest. Play with her. Crate train her. Get a play pen. Use puppy wee pads (I think you can get ones that are pheremone laced sot he puppy will WANT to use them). I never paper trained or puppy pad trained a puppy.. always taught them from day 1 that outside was the bathroom happening place.

And, FWIW, my German Shepherd walks ahead of me on walks (I had a neck injury and ahead of me is much more convenient). She is just over 2 years old and is mostly off leash now. She is really very well behaved. I have never alpha rolled her, never worried about her thinking about being the Alpha (living with 5 cats we all KNOW who the alphas are here and it ain't the human OR the dog!) and never worried about her 'dominating' me.

You have an 8 week old puppy. The LAST thing you need to worry over is her dominating you or being an alpha etc.

Fact is, as old as I am and as many very good dogs as I have had/trained, I never even HEARD about dogs "dominating" or being "alpha's" until I watched Nat. Geo. dog training clips.. and that was about 2 years ago. I found it all pretty amusing. I never in my life even considered a dog "dominating" me.

First time I heard about dominant dogs being alpha's on TV I did a double take.. I thought they were talking about something very weird and certainly not meant for family viewing!!
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GREAT! Let your little puppy get used to everything and his poor little tummy setlled. When does he have his first vet visit?

And now, for the important part, DO YOU HAVE PICTURES???? :D
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