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alternative to orijen?

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My lab is on the Orijen fish variety and does well on it in all ways except loose poop.

When I first got her, she was on Royal Canin. Itchy, dry skin, terrible gas, and loose poop. I switched her to large breed puppy orijen and every issue disappeared except loose poop. Under the advice of a vet friend (who also breeds and shows mastiffs), I switched her to the fish variety but there's been no change. It's been a few weeks. Her coat looks amazing, but still loose poop, although now there's also occasionally a few drops of blood.

My vet friend suggested a food with less protein and I'm looking for suggestions. Her condition is otherwise fantastic, so I'm hoping for something comparable, with lower protein. Any help?
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I would try Acana. It's not as rich as far as protein and fat go.
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