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Hi everyone.
My girlfriend and I just got a new place, and we got a puppy Missy to go with it.
Missy was great but initially she had a bit of a problem with peeing when touched or picked up, or just when she was excited. She seems to have gotten better about this, and likewise we have learned to avoid her when the situation looks like she may go.
A few weeks later we get another dog Dixie (they both seem to love the name confusion) and she also seems to be a pretty good dog. She did just fine her first week, sleeping in her crate overnight, and then we would let her out in the morning and then bring them back in.
Recently though we've been having problems with her.
I think she's getting anxious in her cage during the day but i'm not sure what to do with her.
My girlfriend and I both often work 9-10 hour days at the mall, so we are often gone from lunch time to about 9 or ten at night.
I will come home during the day, or if possible have one of my co-workers stop by to let them out and then put them back up.
This past week though, out of no where Dixie has pooped on two different blankets we had in her cage, yesterday being the worst.
We came home to the dog having pulled the blanket that was covering her crate into the crate itself, her flooring was all pushed up in one end, and she had pooped and just flung it everywhere. It was on the walls, and all over the floor. We took her outside and cleaned up, but we don't know what to do about her.
We decided maybe she's getting anxious with Missy being outside and free and her trapped in the crate all night, so we tried putting them both in our laundry room together, but within minutes Dixie was scratching at the door.
I decided to let them out rather than have Dixie destroy the door and us lose our deposit, but now i don't know what to do with them.
Overnight Dixie chewed on the leg of a table, knocked some of my art pencils off and chewed those to pieces, and then also chewed up a box, and to put a cherry on top left me a nice pile of fun to clean.
I'm open to any suggestions.
Thanks everyone.
-Aaron White

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I'm assuming you have 2 puppies. Unfortunately, puppies chew. They also seem bored. You need to try and find ways to occupy their mind while you are gone. Just imagine you as say a 10 year old kid stuck in a bathroom all day. What would you do? Probably get into trouble cuz your bred and see the same wall 10 hours/day.
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