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Aloha! Meet Ranger

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Aloha all!

I am a first-time dog mom!!! And I'm so excited! :wave: My husband and I have adopted this darling boy from the Maui Humane Society, and it is going wonderfully. He's about 10 months old, and SUPER smart. Not very hyper, and he minds us really well. It's only been about a week, so I'm sure we haven't seen the full scope of his personality. Anyway, I'm mostly posting because I am super curious to know what breed he is. My vet said possibly a catahoula/pointer mix, and I think that sounds about right. I've ordered a doggie DNA test to be sure, but was just curious what other doggo lovers on here might think! :photo:

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Welcome to the forum. What a darling boy you have.
Thank you! We already love him a whole lot! <3 I am concerned a little bit though, because we have had him for about a week, and one thing I've noticed is that he doesn't get super excited about much. He will play with us for a little bit before he loses interest, he doesn't seem stoked about going out for walks, and treats don't get his tail wagging much either. I have read that it can take a few weeks before adopted puppers can come out of their shells, but I just want to cheer him up so bad. The happiest I have seen him was a couple days ago when we took him to meet our friends 4-month old puppy and he ran and played like there was no tomorrow! So I know he has it in him, he just seems sad at home and around us... Anything I can do?
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