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(Almost) Self-Stacking Pictures and Others

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Does your dog self-stack? I have seen Jaia and B'asia in perfect self-stacks before but have never gotten picture of it. I took these yesterday and they're far from perfect, but I'm amazed how often I see them standing like this.

In the third picture, B'asia is doing the 2-Step, I think. LOL


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i love your Shepherds....they are gorgeous....mine don't stack but they sure "creep" a lot:D....
Well, creeping is what they do best! LOL My husband talks about getting a BC or another Shepherd. I think he should get a BC because it would be wonderful to experience another breed in the family. If I show him pictures of Saoirse, I think that will sway him. ;)
she's actually the most un-Border Collie of the bunch.....i'll post a couple vids in my thread here in a little while....right now i gotta go run some piss and vinegar outta some K-9's :D....
Donatello usually stands with one paw picked up... For what?? lol!
I make fun of Beau for doing this all the time. I tell him he's done showing and doesn't need to stand pretty anymore, lol.

Hard to tell because the grass is so tall. They often turn pap heads to the side in a stack so you can see the ears.

Needing grooming BADLY:

In leaves:

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This is an actual attempt at freestacking Summer. (FAIL!)

You want me to do what?



This work?

How bout this?

That was the best we got.
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Laurelin, I LOVE that second picture of Beau. He looks so cute and elegant at the same time.

FIC: gorgeous dogs as usual. I really like the long coats!
Laurelin, your little ones are SO cute! Summer's just got better things to do.

FIC: gorgeous dogs as usual. I really like the long coats!
Thanks. Jaia's looking a little scruffy. He's going to get brushed today. Seems like I'm brushing a dog every day!
:D Do you have any pictures of Cara and Mia? They look like real sweethearts from your sig.
:D Do you have any pictures of Cara and Mia?
I have tons of pictures of them. You know. Several people have said that they rarely get to see pictures of Cara and Mia... It's puzzling to me.

Cara and Mia pic

Cara and Mia Slideshow

Four Heads


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Thanks! They're so pretty :) Any idea what their mix is?
They're from the pound, found on the side of the road in a box, so their parents are unknown. Our vet said Cara is probably BC/Rottie and maybe some Shepherd. She stalks like a BC and she's got that hefty Rottie chest. Mia is definitely a terrier of some mix. She is very athletic and loves to dig. I think they had different daddies. :)
FourIsCompany: Your dogs are beautiful!

Laurelin:Love those pictures :)
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