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As you may remember, I've been pondering a second dog for a while. Even though Alvin doesn't really care for dogs one way or another, I still tend to prefer two to one. I like to have a couple different personalities around to suit my different moods and I like that when I am not at home, my dogs are not totally alone. Even if they aren't interacting, I feel like a physical presence takes the edge off of me not being there. Alvin has settled into the new house very well and I think we're ready to go. A couple things I'm still hung up on: 1) Alvin and I are comfortable right now. There's always a fear in me to adding a new dog...what if it upsets the balance?!? 2) Will this ruin my ability to use my parents as dogsitters? They are getting a dog of their own when they return from their summer trip to Europe. Will they want to sometimes have three dogs at their house? And will I want to have to cart two over there sometimes? I can easily get this question answered by asking them, but I'm kind of nervous about the answer. Even if they say it's no problem, I know I'm in for some ribbing about how I'm going to turn into a crazy dog lady. So, I'm still waffling, but here are the two that I've had my eye on the past few weeks.

I actually searched for "Tibetan Spaniel" on purpose because, while I don't give a fig for the breed of my next dog, Alvin seem to have developed quite a positive relationship with a local mutt of Tibetan Spaniel size and appearance. This little female is the first dog I've seen him really try to be friends with. I realize it's likely just the individual dog, but I thought if I was going to get a second, I might as well try to replicate this mutt he likes so much. I doubt Dori has much, if any, Tibetan Spaniel in her, but her look is like that of Alvin's girlfriend and I liked her description. I don't want a puppy that's going to harass Alvin, nor am I motivated enough to exercise an extremely exuberant dog. I also quite like that she's a snuggler. Alvin isn't, so it would be nice to have a dog that is, for a change.


A cruel (but humorous) name for a three legged dog! Scooter is probably bigger than I'd like...I live in a tiny little house and Alvin and I already take up a lot of space. Still, it's doable. I guess I was most drawn to him because I figure no one else will want a three legged Cocker. I grew up with a three legged Border Collie, so the disability (which it doesn't really seem to be, in a dog) has a special place in my heart. He sounds like he's probably more active than Alvin, but I feel like that must be at least slightly tempered by the fact that he's missing a leg. The "easygoing" part of the description is positive. That's just the kind of dog I like to own. Anyone know if there are problems inherent to a three legged dog? I mean, will I be in for huge bills as his missing limb begins to affect the bones and joints in the his other legs?
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