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Dear Simon,

You loved to hunt more than anything and you kept the house and yard free of rodents for 15 years. You saw many cats and dogs come and go and taught them all a thing or two. The last few years have been rough for you, resigning yourself to senior status but you still managed to patrol the property and tell the dogs off once or twice.

You were a loyal, hard working, extremely intelligent kitty. You spent your nights gathering vermin and in the mornings you would be so proud to show me all you had achieved. I still remember years ago when I saw you catch a bird in mid air. I thought you were superman.

I named you because I thought you looked Siamese when you ate. You grew into a stunningly handsome tiger with beautiful eye lining. For years you were the boss of the neighborhood and I saw you kick the ass of many a stray cat.

Yet you were sweet. You let Blacky into our house when he was emaciated and needing a warm home. You showed the dogs how to behave around cats and never were malicious. You accepted with a quiet dignity when multiple dogs came over.

And you helped. You allowed strange dogs to sniff you and trusted me to keep you safe. You screened the temperaments of many a foster dog better than I ever could have. You had unwavering courage.

You lived a long life, with many fond memories. The last months have been hard on both of us, but I am glad that I could find the courage to let you go with the dignity you held for your entire life.

The house feels empty already. Ozzie wants to know where his kitty is. He will miss you the most as he always wanted to be near you. You were the boss of this place and now someone will have to step up. Your paw prints are far too big to ever be filled though.

I love you Simon. Thank you for your dedication to our family. I hope that wherever you are, there are all the Chipmunks, Mice, Moles, Birds and Snakes you could ever dream of.

Rest easy, kitty.
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