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ALL ABOUT DOGS-online grooming course- please read!!

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im thinking about taking this course, but cannot decide. it is really worth it. i was planning on using my graduation money on it, but i really dont know. my friend tells me to save it and wait, but i dont know if i should.

please give me your opinion.
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The problem w/ the online schools is that you really need hands-on experience, that is very important.
I've been grooming for 13yrs, when I was looking to see how to groom I was checking out the schools in my area, but realizing how much it would cost I went through the yellow pages and called lots and lots of shops to see if they knew anyone who graduated from those schools and if so could they groom. I got quite a few negative replies. I told one of those shop owners that I didnt want to pay good money and not be able to groom when I graduated, I told her how passionate I was to learn to groom. She met w/ me and charged me a minimal fee to train me. I started bathing then moved to sanitary work then basic grooming. It was the best thing I could have ever done.
See if there is anyone who wants to work w/ you, see if you can get a job as a bather to start. This will also give you an idea of the environment of working w/ and handling dogs also if grooming is for you.
Good Luck :)
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DO NOT do an online course.. All you get is a piece of paper, without learning how to groom. You really do need to do work in order to do things right..

I trained at shop and everything that I was taught in the first 2 hours took the lady that taught me 5K and 8 weeks to learn, then she still had to learn how to do haircuts on the job.

I say look into apprentice work. It will be so much better...
I went to a grooming school were I groomed a dog every day five days a week for three months. I learned breed trims and coat types as well as a lot of other very important things I could only learn HANDS ON. It's so important to actually be working on a real dog. If you can't afford a grooming school (mine was $6000 plus tools and taxes) then perhaps work at a shop and have someone teach you. I say NO to an online course too.
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