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Alaskan Malamute question

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Is there anyway to tell without papers if dog is pure bred malamute?
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i agree with the above statements, that is no mal head set/shape. and i do believe that blue eyes are not a trait of mals.
he has the head of my red husky koozie

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awww thanks...i shall have to post more pictures of my crew!

but i do want to mention that kooz isnt full grown in those pictures, so he still has the more stout, chubby looking muzzle!
He is beautiful!....

I would say definitely 100% Siberian Husky....not Alaskan Malamute.

Some things I've learned from owning a Husky ---

They are GREAT dogs.....they are stubborn dogs.....they love to play....AND THE MOST IMPORTANT....don't ever leave them off the leash outside or leave a door or gate open --- once they start running - they have a mind of their own!:)

My guy is a picky eater too --- I've finally got it down though -- He is 1 1/2 years old and weighs 53 lbs ---

I give him 1/2 Cup of Dry Dog Food & a tablespoon of either Ricotta Cheese or Cottage Cheese in the morning.

At night he gets 1 Cup of Dry Dog Food and 1 Cup of either Chicken or Beef (baked/grilled/or boiled) some veggies (carrots/peas/green beans/sweet potatoes)

....and don't worry if he skips a meal now and then --- Huskies only eat when their hungry --- there known for not eating alot:)

I give him Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food - the ingredients are awesome - check it out -- www.bluebuff.com
those are very good tips for you! and yeah, kooz is just a year and half too, and he will only eat when he wants to, he has skipped meals before, and hes a happy healthy boy, its just a husky thing!
and do be careful what you feed him. huskies are known for having sensitive stomachs. it took us about a year to finally get koozie a food that kept his weight on and nice poop! he cant even have a bit of people food or he has tummy issues!
Yes...Chubby has a sensitive stomach too --- but the foods I've listed seem to be fine for him.

I used to give him the raw beef marrow bones - and he loved them -- but after he ate the marrow his poop was very soft -- and then after one of the bones - he had poop like water all night -- thank god he wakes me up to go out! ...was that a sleepless night -- poor guy.

So now I still give him the bone - but I scoop out the marrow. He still likes them -- but the first time I gave it to him after I scooped out the marrow -- he gave me a look like -- well, where's the marrow? He's a character!:rolleyes:
yeah, we feed koozie and izzy ( the akita) evo now, and its just done wonders!
and i do agree withe marrow, seems anything like that and koozie has soft, runny poop. and we've had to deal with the watery poop a couple times due to his iffy stomach!
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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