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Akita/Siberian Husky Crossbreed

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I remember I once did some speculating with a fellow dog enthusiast about what an Akita/Sibe crossbreed would be like behaviorally. Knowing that crossbreeds of any sort tend to be less predicatble in terms of temperment/disposition than purebreds, I speculated that it might have an Akita's reserve and guarding nature with its pack, and a Husky's higher energy level.

I don't intend to breed any dogs at this juncture of my life so I made this post out of curiousity. I'm writing a creative piece that has a fictitious Husky/Akita crossbreed that's the pet of a newly married couple and was curious about how such a dog might behave. Would it be reasonable to figure it would be protective like the Akita with the Siberian's easygoing joie de vivre? What about appearance?
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I have no idea about what the temperament would be like, but I once met one that looked much like this guy

He was pretty easygoing, but I didn't get to see him for long, so I don't know how he acted :/
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