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AKC registering mixed breeds. . .jsut a rumor?

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I have been told that AKC will start registering mixed breeds in 2010 in a similar way that they give ILPS or PALS or whatever its called to purebreds without papaers so that they can compete in AKC events. Anybody know if this is true? I would LOVE to be able to compete in AKC events! I hope its true!
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It is kind of odd that they can't compete if there is conformation going on. I'm sure that to register, the mutts have to be fixed so I don't really see what they are worried about. Sounds kind of like doggy prejudice!;)

I don't really see what the harm is though. I don't like UKC and have wished for a long time that I had the convenience of competing my dogs in the many AKC events in my area. I can understand why the mixed breeds aren't scored with the purebreeds because I'm sure it would really PO a lot of purebred owners. I'm just happy to be able to register my dogs in one place and be able to do obedience, rally, and agility all through one orginization so that I don't have to worry about different rules and mutiple registration fees. I was going to be doing NADAC for agility and UKC for obedience and there are not a lot of those trials around here anyway.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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