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Another hoarding case, this time featuring an AKC judge.

Margaret A. Hamilton, a 69-year-old judge for the American Kennel Club, has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty in the second degree.

In November 2011, King County deputies seized 100 dogs from homes in Burien and Issaquah after Pasado's Safe Haven received an anonymous tip.

Officials with the animal rescue group illegally entered the Burien home through and open door and took video footage, which showed dogs crammed in cages infested with waste, according to the statement of probable cause. The footage showed numerous empty food and water bowls, and the animals displaying neurotic behavior, deputies said.

Investigators determined the Burien home belonged to Theodore M. Stober, 74, who was renting out his basement to Hamilton and her husband, James Hamilton. The two were using the space as a shelter for their dogs, and James Hamilton said he tried to visit daily to take care of the animals.

The man added he was not breeding any of the dogs, many of whom were retired show dogs he cared for as a "hobby."

When deputies conducted a search of the property, they found 38 dogs, mostly Chihuahuas. They also found feces or urine in every cage, and 36 of the dogs had feces-matted hair.

Many of the dogs had either no food or water, and all suffered from severe problems with their feet, nails and teeth. Some dogs had "lower jaw bones either decomposing or completely gone," the statement said.

Thirteen of the dogs seized from Stober's residence had to be euthanized due to health problems.
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