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'Aight I'll try to keep this compact.

I'm from Moscow, Russia; so I'm waiting with my girlfriend when we see 4 black, small pups in the forest. I am Russian, so obviously I have a few beverages in my hand. I love animals. had over 10 cats in my family over the years but never a dog. i prayed to G-d, as a jew, to bring me one. So it has happened. i am sitting with the pups and one of them has taken a real liking in me, just sat next to my bottom and cuddled. after an hour or so i said to me ex: "b, i'm taking this one home".

she didn't mind. no one has. you know the drill. poop and pee everywhere, my pillow included. but hey - i asked G-d for this miracle and he has delivered. i have a heart problem (i know i shouldn't be drinking so please don't start haha), so the dog was a G-dsend in every aspect of the word.

took her to the vet, got booster shots for her low immunity. vet said SHE'S about 2 months old. the guy asked me|: "what's her name?"; naturally, the great hero Ajax who died under Troy fell out. i took out the last letter and she became Aja. in russian it is merely 2 letters - the first and last letter of the alphabet. only now i realize it is the alpha and the omega.

nobody knows how big or how old she is. vets say 2-3 months old. so we give boosters and pills for the worms in her poop. how big shall she grow? nobody knows. so i say: "you know what guys, i'll take her to my counrtyhouse! lots of dogs and space, a forest etc... air".

little did i know. you know these huge russian dogs? well we got a bunch of them (dozen). they drool all over her little face/skull/body. her immune system is in the... bogs. got a vet to our house, he's from Belarus. he was sure he has some virus but i got the results today (can send .pdf) and she's all negative. (yay!). so i'm all cool now, except i keep her outside and she is 2-3 months old and it's getting pretty cold.

my first question is:

1) is it ok to keep a stray black lab/retriever/XX outside at 14 degrees celcius?

we walk a lot. when i say a lot i mean a LOT. i'm a (for now) retired personal trainer and a bodybuilder. cardio for me is a must. but she has to walk with me 10-15kms / 9 miles a day due to my heart problems. she drink, eats plenty. but as a human trainer i think in terms of biology and how ATP works, the krebs cycle etc... and apply that to her.

question #2:

2) what should be her meal plan? should it be a lot of amino acids (proteins) and just jack her? or should i be more mild and give more carbs, leaving her at home while i go on my hikes? when i say "amino acids" i mean chicken breasts or turkey breasts. A LOT. because as a bodybuilder and a nutrition specialist i think: amino acids=good=muscle=big dog. am i wrong in this assumption

3) am i wrong in the assumption that if she walks so much with me is is rather negative than positive, because she is in a caloric deficit? should i leave her at home so she can grow a belly? or should i work her, make her strong like me, athletic, soviet union style?

i'm sure i'll have more but for now the post is long enough and thank you everyone who shall answer.


nubs and aja,

much l;ove.
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