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Great story, she was meant to be yours.

Can you not find dog food? Dogs need concentrated nutrition. My 35 pound dog needed just about the same amount of essential nutrients as an adult human. Difficult to come by unless you do a lot of studying up on the subject or buy actual dog food. Then boost it with extra protein if you so chose. You can substitute 25% of the calories of the kibble for meat, egg and or fish calories. A tiny bit of liver is good too but it is super rich and overdoing it even a little will have unfortunate consequences. If you would like to read up then see Dogaware.com for loads of ideas and links to further study.

Too much walking is hard on a pups skeletal health. The general rule is apparently 10 minutes per month of age so she probably shouldn't be doing more than 20 minutes. She may only be full grown at 18 months or so, then you can work her up to your full exercise regime, she will love it. Best practice is to do an x-ray to check that the bones are finished growing. Take her with you at the beginning of your workout, circle home and leave her and go on your own or pick her up near the end of your workout.

I cannot keep my dogs outside because they bark! A little puppy probably should stay in a warmer place until she is larger and stronger. If she has to be an outside dog then build her a good dog house that just fits her and has insulation that isn't damaged by wet and keeps out the wind. Research this carefully to keep her safe if she must be outside. I wish she could be inside with you, dogs do best with their people.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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