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We've had our 5 month old German Shorthaired Pointer/Blue Heeler named Panda for about three and half months now. Our beloved dog of 16 years unfortunately passed away last year so it's been awhile since we've raised a puppy but we definitely don't remember it being this difficult.

In the house, Panda is a normal, well-behaved puppy. She does bite and nip a lot but we're sure that's just normal puppy playing and we can mostly get that under control. We have a big fenced in backyard so a few times a day we let her out for about 15-20 (or until she barks to be let in) to do her business and play. The problem is that she attacks anyone that tries to go in the backyard while she's out there. She will jump, bite at and scratch us if we even take a step out there. It definitely feels different from when she's playing in the house. Outside it feels like she's intentionally and seriously trying to hurt us. Her bites get harder, her barking and growling gets a bit more deeper and vicious. We've just started avoiding going out there with her if we can help it.

Is this normal behavior or should we be concerned? I should mention that she hasn't been spayed yet (her appointment is in two weeks) and she also hates/barks at pretty much everyone and everything.

Any tips/info would be greatly appreciated!

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She probably just has more energy when she's outside with more space and is unsupervised. I suggest taking her out on leash to do her business. Keep her on leash and walk around with her until it's time to go in. Eventually she'll learn that just because she's outside doesn't mean the same rules don't apply as when she's inside. As she gets better and better you can start giving her more and more freedom.
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