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Agility Trial

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I am just getting ready to head off to Remmy, my Shih Tzu/Maltese's first Agility Trial. It is a two day trial with three classes (2 Standard and 1 Jumper) on Saturday and one jumper class on Sunday. I am going down with my Sister and Brother-in-law in their Goose-neck trailer as we will be camping at the Ball Park where they are having the trial. Should be a great weekend, especially if it cools down a bit. We have been having 90+ degree weather which has broken many records in B.C. They are forecasting slightly cooler temperatures on the weekend, hope they are right.

My sister also has Mikey, her Shih Tzu/Maltese cross in the same classes, otherwise I would be going in my truck and camper.

We built some home-made equipment which we practice on for a little while each day, plus go to an arena where we can use regulation equipment once a week. I had entered Susie but scratched her as I did not want to run her with this unusually hot weather. Being a Bernese cross she has a really heavy coat and does not do too well in the heat. Lots of time to compete with her when the weather is cooler.
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Sounds like alot of fun! dont forget to take pictures cause i wanna see them!!
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