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Agility issues...

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Chloe is a 3 year old Toller; very independent and energetic. I have been training her on homemade weave polls, jumps, and an Aframe for 2 years. I finally found an instructor and thought it might be time to find out what we should be doing.

We have had 5 30 minute private lessons. The first 15 minutes is me walking the course to learn it, with Chloe in a kennel. Then I do it with her. It isn't working well.

She hates being in the kennel with stuff going on outside. I suggested that my wife could take her for a walk, or even show up 15 minutes after me, but the instructor says that isn't how it is done. I tried taking her for a 5 mile walk before class in hopes of calming her down, but it doesn't change anything.

When I take Chloe on the course she is eager to do it, but since I really haven't learned all 17 stations, I have to stop and look around after each one to know where to go. Chloe finds that frustrating and will occasionally act out by just running around. I have asked the instructor if we can do the same routine each week, so I actually know it, and concentrate on improving rather than just struggling to find my way through it; or maybe do a shorter routine so maybe I will able to know where to go. She says that is not how it is done, and I will never improve by doing the same routine over and over.

I have come to the conclusion that I am wasting time and money, and getting Chloe upset; we will never learn anything by this process. If this is truly how agility is taught, then it clearly is not the sport for us. I would appreciate some insight into this issue.
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I took Murphy to a trainer . A very small group it was just easy-peasy stuff, general follow me, walk nicley stuff, but there was a little assault course, anything dog didn't like to do that was fine but we were told let tgem sniff , put couple of treats on it wait until the dog choses to do it ..the woman trainer was very relaxed.

One lady had taken previous dogs to a training school in the area that I know well , when we walk our dogs nearby we often hear fireworks dustbin lids banging, and lots of shouting coming from there ..They are a macho group who believe in tough dogs and tough love and the alpha dominance theory.
She didn't realise this when she tried to take her old dog there but every time they got out of the car the dog would literally tremble and have explosive diarrhoea.

The thing is that school is popular and it is is well-established proving that some dogs will do well there, other dogs won't ...not every school is the same, not every training method is the same, and not every dog is the same, it sounds as if the training school you're at is not the one for you and your dog I would suggest cutting your losses moving on and finding somewhere more suited to you.
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