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Hey, so.. lately my boy has been getting a bit too snappy while playing... not sure if he still thinks he's just a pup but he's caused a couple other dogs to yelp, and I feel so bad when their owners are glaring at me.

Like tonight, he was playing with a Chocolate Lab that is about 2 months his senior with about 20 lbs on him. Oakley is only 6 months... but at one point I think he grabbed the lab's ear and the lab went to turn and yelpled. The play continued but it seemed like the were getting more agressive then they usually do. Also, with a third dog there that kept trying to hump him, when he'd get up he'd chase after the dog and be biting at his neck the whole way.

I mean, I think this is normal puppy play... as all 3 dogs are 6 months, 6 months and 8 months.. and all about the same size. But, I just feel guilty like my guy is snapping too much?
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