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If you keep two, they will most likely start fighting more as they get older. Littermate Syndrome is a super common thing that has more failing cases than successful ones. I recommend rehoming all of the puppies as it sounds like you already might have your hands full. If you do find that you know 100% that you can handle another dog, then you should keep the one you said you've completely bonded with.

If your husband still insists on keeping the two that don't fight, he really needs to start helping you train and take care of them if he doesn't already. I also highly recommend the two of you extensively research Littermate Syndrome if you haven't already. There's countless information all over the internet on it and on how to minimize fights. Safely keeping littermates can happen it'll just take a lot of precautions, training, supervision, etc.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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