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I rescued my dashchund whippet mix Tooty five years ago. She was a stray and had lots of anxiety. At the time, I had a black lab and they got along well. When he passed away, she became very protective of me. She would nip at visitors and other dogs. I immediately saw a behaviorist and hired a trainer and her behavior improved. Then her environment changed because I got divorced and moved into an apartment...just the two of us. I worked full time and did not giver her the attention and training she needed. I recently moved to live with sister to make a fresh start. However, she has two dogs and three cats. Upon arrival, Tooty nipped at my nephew and my brother in law when they enterred my room unexpectedly. After a day or two, she warmed up and now loves them both. She attacked my sister’s female dog when she came between me and Tooty. The big HOWEVER is that when I’m at work and she’s with my sister and brother in law, she has no problems. She ignores the other dogs and gets along well with my family. As soon as I enter the door it all changes.

Fast forward to now....I’ve been working with Tooty and have been firm, consistent and positive. I’ve been giving her commands and having her earn food and affection by sitting or lying down. In other words, I’m trying to exert my authority. I also am meeting with a behaviorist next week to assess the situation and get some help. I loooove my dog and want her to be okay, but I also do not want her to be a danger to my family and pets. I’m very stressed about the situation and am finding that Tooty rules my life right now. I’ve thought about rehoming her, but I know that’s difficult with a bite history (she’s never made marks or broken the skin...still not okay). My biggest fear is that I would have to let her pass to the rainbow bridge...I don’t know if I could make that decision.

Any advice, thoughts, ideas, insights, HELP!
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