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My dog gets very aggressive when anyone tries to come into or leave the house. He does not do this with the bathroom door but just about everywhere else. When you go to leave he starts jumping and barking and nipping at you. I have tried holding onto him, giving him pets, and tried distracting him with treats when someone tries to leave but none of it helps.

I'm hoping that someone can
1.) Give me advise on how to train him out of this aggressive behavior with doors
2.) Tell me any possible reasons he may be like this?

He is a 5 year old min pin cross that was allegedly abused in the past, but I don't have any information about his past.

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Try training good door manners? Karen Overall's Relaxation Protocol is stay training that progresses to doorbell ringing and pretending to talk to a visitor. After you make it through the 15 day program then use the technique you've learned with a helper that will pretend to visit while your dog is on leash and you are prepared with lots of tiny treats. It really helps. Bucky was terrified of people coming to the door and visiting but now he is much better. I don't allow people to greet him as he is mouthy and nips but at least he doesn't have to bark constantly and is clearly calmer.

With my dog it is being reactive and fearful. Any change is extremely stimulating to him and he's afraid of people. Dogs that are afraid often chase and nip.
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