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We have a three year old female Anatolian Shepard. She’s a good dog, but has one issue, especially towards men, myself included. She’s REALLY good about being protective of our daughters, (13 and 11), and will get between any guy and them.
Good dog. lol

A lot of advice here already is great. The word you want to search for is "resource guarding" in addition to the protectionism. My puppy does this with objects he finds while walking and will hold on to them with the rightious fury of his forefathers, often attacking (he's from a herding breed which survived by guarding its food in the fields). Until recently, when it got out of control, I accepted this as an animal instinct we couldn't train out of him.

Now, however, I routinely practice "trade", "leave it", and others. I block off access to the house arbitrarily unless he's been behaving exceptionally well. I regularly trade toys away from him and swap them with different ones for no reason other than for the sake of doing it. He's told to wait/sit until I issue a release command when I feed him. And I make him wait at the front door for me to first walk through until he can go outside. The effect all of this training had was that he sees me as someone who can give or take away his resources and he respects me as alpha dog enough to where I can overcome his resource guarding instincts when they happen. All of the small things added up, and the problem is getting manageable.

He might see your family as his resources that he has a duty to protect instead of you. Maybe something I said here will be helpful for coming up with creative solutions.
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