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Okay, since you're asking for advice - no baby should be lying on the floor in the same room with a large dog. I don't care how wonderful, protective, gentle or whatever other adjective you want to use for the dog it is. Maybe nothing would ever go wrong. If it does, it will be devastating and irreparable.

For your other problems, I second Lillith about manipulating the environment. Don't roughhouse with your daughters with the dog present. Put the dog outside, shut her somewhere she won't see, etc.

Bed. I'd do something so she can't get on the bed. You say she sneaks into your room, so she's not sleeping there. Keep the bedroom door shut, get a baby gate across it if you don't want it shut, etc.

Lastly, yes, to the behaviorist. You have a large dog whose very breed makes her prone to too intense guarding behavior. Make sure you consult a certified veterinarian behaviorist, not just someone who has decided to put the "dog behaviorist" label on themselves. It's not a regulated profession.
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